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Outdoor Escalator

Outdoor Escalator | Heavy Type Escalator | AmadaTECH escalators are a high quality, stylish, extraordinary and pioneering product. It uses highly durable materials and adds more flexibility to the escalator in product design and environmental processes, thus offering more flexible space for architectural design and suitable for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, airport, overpass, bridge and other high-end commercial buildings and facilities. .

Outdoor Escalator

New Generation Elevator and Escalator Technologies

Our Outdoor escalators are designed to provide the robust and reliable ride needed by overpasses, shopping malls, and Bridges.

Our heavy-duty escalators with features such as galvanized truss, reinforced parts and internal heating system can be used externally and internally and can be used in high traffic areas such as overpasses, bridges, shopping malls, airports, train stations. All escalators are supplied and installed according to the latest EN 115 -1 2017 regulations.

This kind of escalator and moving walkways are widely used in subway or train stations, airports, pedestrian bridges, overpass etc. It is suitable for environments with heavy traffic. They must carry a heavy load of passengers during rush hour. According to the standard, such escalators and moving walkways have their own options and features that allow them to work under heavy workloads and in outdoor environments.

Bu tür yürüyen merdivenler için kullanılan korkuluk genellikle paslanmaz çeliktir, bu da daha yüksek dayanıklılık sağlar ve onları yoğun trafik durumları için daha uygun hale getirir. Müşteri tercihine göre korkuluğun iç kısmını dikey veya eğili olarak sipariş edebilirler   ve dış  kaplama EN 115 standardına  uygun olmalıdır. . Altyapı yürüyen merdivenlerde yürüyen merdivenler paralel olarak döşenirken korkuluklar bitişik olarak yerleştirilerek düzgün bir yüzey oluşturur. İnsanların bu alanda kaymasını önlemek için bazı korkuluk güvenlik cihazları takılmalıdır.


AmadaTECH products are designed by highly qualified Turkish engineers and ensure that customers receive excellent products with reliable quality.


Safety and reliability are an integral part of AmadaTECH's product offering. We are constantly working to make improvements that contribute to the Safety and Service technicians who maintain Amada TECH elevators worldwide.


Service excellence is more than just service. This is how we think and act. It is not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance, it is also the “smile” of the voice on the phone, quick responses to all requests and the constant pursuit of improvement. How we work together and how we work with our customers


AmadaTECH's Design Center in Turkey is fully equipped with professionals who follow the latest aesthetic designs to meet the needs of customers.


Amada TECH is Turkey's leading elevator company with advanced technology and superior quality in elevator and escalator production. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, R&D, engineering, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.


Following our AmadaTECH corporate philosophy, with our elevators, escalators and building services, “We will contribute to a sustainable society by providing new value for people, building systems and society. At the same time, we know that social contribution is the main pillar of corporate activities.

dış mekan yürüyen merdiven, outdoor escalator

Next Generation, Superior Technology

The new generation of commercial escalators combine safety, aesthetics and environmental friendliness as well as trouble-free operation and use.

A wide range of features, including low-energy LED lighting and energy-efficient frequency control, as well as a variety of handrails, railings and cladding to match the look and feel of your building. Heavy duty escalators form the vital lifeblood of vertical transport flows at airports, overpasses, train and metro stations. Manufactured according to EN 115-1 2017 standards and AmadaTECH special configurations, they offer customers an excellent design range with reliable quality and outstanding performance.

dış mekan yürüyen merdiven, outdoor escalator

Outdoor Design

Our outdoor escalators withstand severe weather conditions such as rainstorms and heavy snow.

User safety is our priority. The sensors inside ensure that the escalator stops at the risk of danger and immediately notifies the control room. Our products are equipped with fire sensitive cable lines and sprinkler extinguishing systems. outdoor escalators and moving walks are installed outside the building without any roof or other top cover. Obviously, since semi-open escalators and moving walkways are outside the building, they are not in a temperature-controlled environment. Therefore, compared to indoor escalators, it has some additional options depending on the geographical location.

heavy duty yürüyen merdiven

Exceptional ride quality

AmadaTECH Heavy Duty Escalators are designed to provide both high quality construction and exceptional ride comfort. Low noise level and minimal vibrations provide a smooth and comfortable passenger experience that will meet even the most stringent requirements.

It is designed for ease of installation and use, providing spatial efficiency and reliability.

environmentally friendly
Regeneration systems reduce energy use by up to 60% while providing excellent ride quality. Many escalator parts are also recycled (steps, brush profile, glass panel clamps, etc.).

It guarantees maximum safety and provides a sense of passenger safety.

dış mekan yürüyen merdiven
escalator market
AmadaTECH Technical Support team does not only provide engineering service for your order, but also deals with every step of the whole process, from architectural support, project design, engineering approval, quality control system in the production line, product design, packaging, shipment planning, to the dismantling, assembly and delivery of the escalator at the construction site. takes care of.

Emergency stop button
Emergency stop device, instant stop when pressed.

Protective device for handrail
The handrail entry safety device will stop the escalator if a hand or object is pulled into the handrail entry box.

Phase failure monitoring
If a phase failure occurs, the phase monitoring device stops the escalator.

over speed protection device
The overspeed detector will stop the escalator if it runs above normal speed.

Reverse motion protection device
The escalator will stop if the direction of movement is reversed.

Chain protection device
If the chain breaks or loosens, the escalator will stop.

baseboard protection device
The escalator will stop if any object gets stuck between the step and the pedestal.

Protective device for steps and pallets
If the digits work abnormally or there is a distorted digit.

step lighting
Green lighting under steps to increase travel safety.

Additional brake device
If the chain breaks or exceeds the allowable speed, the auxiliary brake stops the escalator.

Safety device for brake shoe
If there is abnormal wear on the brake pad, the device will stop.

Step chain protection device
If a chain is broken or too loose, the device will stop.

Comb holder plate lighting
Lighting on both sides of the rod holder plates to increase travel safety.

handrail speed detection device
If the handrail speed is lower than normal due to breakage or flexing, the device will stop.

Protective device for a broken handrail
The device will stop if the handrail is broken or stalled.

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